creating playful pieces centered
around adaptability, interaction & play

bachelor’s collection: crossing and parting

“crossing and parting” is a contemporary, casual menswear collection that explores the cyclical nature of human connections. The collection balances the duality of cherishing people currently in our lives while being grateful for those we’ve parted ways with. At its core, the collection is about learning to both embrace a deep intertwining and fully thrive as a lone individual.

The pieces are designed to enable modular and transformable functionality, while particularly facilitating play. The intimate, interactive and adaptable details encourage an openness to both spontaneous connections and farewells.  


crossing and parting:

Fully fashioned knit sweaters and accessories programmed on the M1Plus Software and knit on the STOLL flatbed knitting machine.

An expansion of the crossing and parting collection concept.


of magic:
linen suit

Two-piece contemporary linen suit with 3D openings and organza contrast panels.

Magic is in the dirty puddle that reflects the sky from a certain angle; the wrong turn that leads into a picturesque alleyway; the light refractions on the water when the sun hits just so; the sweet surrender to the whims of life.

The details throughout the garments change upon the wearer’s interaction, inviting further slow observation. The garments respond to their wearer’s routine movements, however, spontaneous movements and play will be rewarded with newfound discoveries.

june 2023
Final project -- study abroad semester at UAL: London College of Fashion, fashion design & development


A modular wool coat with lambskin leather details that can be fully transformed into a bag.

The coat invites the wearer to play and style the coat in various ways, reimagining their relationship with the garment throughout each use.

The turtleneck collar can be zipped fully, partially, or left unzipped. The leather straps can be clipped onto any of the d-rings on the front, back, and/or sleeves, and thus the bag can be worn as a backpack, crossbody bag, etc. Seven zippered pockets are featured throughout the coat.


© 2024, audrey chen
© 2024, audrey chen

creating playful pieces centered around interaction, adaptability & play

crossing and parting
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